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Security Documents

Security features continue to develop in order to combat the growing menace of fraud.  From the simpler solution to the more complex we can combine various security features as required, depending on the sesitivity of the information being carried.




Available in various continuous sizes or A4 cut sheets.  Watermarked papers, Micro-text, Holograms are some of the extra security features available to compliment the latest APACS requirements.



In addition to ordinary continuous payslips, we produce security envelopes and mailers for total security. Pay details are impacted through the mailer.  A fly sheet is decollated and retained as the office copy, and  the sealed envelope containing the payslip is ready for hand or postal delivery.  Time sheets can be pre-inserted ready for   the new working week.  Envelopes can be left open at one edge for insertions (e.g. cheques, pay rate changes, holiday details)  then sealed with the attached self adhesive strip.


BACS Forms

Security documents confirming BACS or other types of direct payments.  Usually security envelope or mailer construction, these forms are ready for posting once compiled by computer, similar to the payslips above.



We can produce tickets suitable for any use.  Carbon patches can filter information to the required parts only on multi part tickets.  Conventional Arabic numbering is available, as are modulus check digit numbering, sequential and check digit bar coding.  Holograms, watermarks and ultra violet inks can be used to make your ticket as safe as possible.

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