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Manual Forms

Despite the inevitable march of technology, we still have the need for manual documents for certain functions.  Design of these forms can be very plain and simple, or colour track coded to assist the computer input stage.


Register Sets

Three common sizes, 6”x4”  8.5”x5.5”  &  8.5”x8.5” are available, in 2 – 4 part NCR format.  Can be used in both portable or security register machines.  Commonly used in retail shops and builders merchants.  


Tip Glued Sets

Loose NCR sets can be any size and number of parts.  They are probably the most versatile business form produced and can be used in such diverse applications as waiters table orders to specimen sample records in hospitals.  Extensive features and design methods are available to enable these forms to play a key part in the exchange of the information.



Still widely used in many industries today.  As the tip glued set, books can be made in virtually any size and number of parts.  Writing shields, fixed copies, numbering, colour coding are some of the features that can be incorporated.  Uses include delivery books, order books, pass out books, receipt books etc etc.



Usually made by gluing single sheets or tip glued sets together to form a pad.  Convenient to carry around when forms are in use on the move.  Any umber of uses like expenses, petty cash, enquiries, orders to name just a few.

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