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Mailing concepts have rapidly developed in the last five years.  Once reserved for the larger user, modern production techniques have enabled smaller print runs at more affordable levels.


Single Sheet Mailers

Pressure sensitive glue lines transform sheets into a sealed envelope, ready for mailing.  Ideal for Personalised Mail Shots, Confirmations, Membership Details etc.


Security Envelopes

This pre-sealed envelope receives information via the fly sheet using a dot matrix printer.  Fly sheet is removed before mailing and can double as a permanent office copy.  Recipient peels off the front of the envelope to access the information inside.  Payslips, Appointments, Membership Details, P60’s are some uses.


Data Mailers

Similar to the Security Envelope only this type can have up to 5  parts inserted inside the envelope.  Again, compiled via the fly sheet using a dot matrix printer, the information is filtered to the relevant parts inside the envelope using carbon patches and de-sensitising inks.  Ideal for Questionnaires,  Application Forms, Time Sheets,  Statements and many other applications.


Digital Personalisation

This is available as the complete mailing package.  It is to personalise the forms with variable information at the same time as the forms are being printed.  Databases with your variable information are supplied either via disc or e-mail to us, so that it can be added to the forms using digital, laser technology, at the same time the forms are printed and collated.  Finished items are then mailed to complete the process.

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