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Labels can be purely functional, purely decorative or a combination of both.  Below are various types and applications that we currently supply.


Packaging Labels

Full colour, high quality labels for various products.  Static bar codes can be printed for product details. 

Swing tags for the fashion industry, drilled ready for the gimble, or strung. 

Warning labels for hazardous products.  High tac adhesive for damp or humid conditions.


Laser Labels

Usually supplied in sheet form, with various size configurations, for use in Laser printers.  Plain or bespoke with your logo, name and details added.


Thermal Labels

Direct or indirect thermal material is used where variable personalisation is required.  These can be printed with company logos and details or just made to size and supplied plain.  Predominately used in the Freight and Food industries.


System Labels

Designed for tracking and distribution use.  Labels can be pre-cut with each part numbered.  One piece is attached to consignment, another piece is attached to drivers log sheet, whilst the third attaches to warehouse paperwork.  (Bullets labels  and bar codes can be added for removal on delivery, to aid tracking).  Similar labels are used in hospitals for patient records, samples, x-rays etc.

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