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Computer Stationery

Continuous stationery for dot matrix printers, remains our largest volume product and accordingly we offer extensive features to customize the forms for your particular requirements.  Laser and Ink Jet printers are becoming more popular and we can of course supply printed sheets to suit any programme requirements.


Continuous Forms

From single part through to eight parts, with virtually any page depth available, we can offer amazing flexibility of size.  With a wide range of materials available we are able to design your forms to suit any application.



Multi-part stationery can encounter problems with slippage when travelling round the platen in your dot matrix printer.  This feature, which uses small plastic ties, secures the parts together whilst allowing general flexing to enable trouble free flow through the printer.



Supplied in two different styles, these carriers are used to send membership or similar cards, to the card holder.  One type is a substantial card with slots or corner shapes cut into it for receiving plastic cards.  You simply add your plastic cards to the carrier by hand, after processing on the computer.  The second type is where the card is actually formed in the carrier.  A plastic film is applied to both sides of the carrier.  The shape of the card is then cut, with retainers keeping it in place.  Once compiled via your computer it is immediately ready for posting.  The recipient simply pushes the card out of the carrier.


Laser Sheets

Both Laser Suitable & Guaranteed papers available in A4 or A3 sizes to suit any application.  The trend is to use plain paper but if we print the non-variable information for you, printer cartridge life is greatly extended.  Also corporate colour schemes are matched consistently.



Colour foils can be added to stationery to add that touch of class.  Can be expensive but gets you noticed.



A special finishing process to prevent an NCR image in sensitive or unwanted areas. As it is invisible, it looks much better then masking.

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